NewsGerman holidaymakers increasingly embrace naturism for body positivity

German holidaymakers increasingly embrace naturism for body positivity

The Germans are increasingly choosing nudist beaches.
The Germans are increasingly choosing nudist beaches.
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Mateusz Domański

6 July 2024 14:59

Especially for young people, nudist culture often seems like a relic of the past. However, it turns out that it is not at all. More and more German holidaymakers are practising nudism. What drives them? The issue is discussed by the service.

Many cannot imagine going to the beach without clothes due to discomfort, shame, and various other inhibitions. Meanwhile, Germans are increasingly eager to do so.

More and more Germans like to spend their holidays naked, said the president of the German Naturist Culture Association, Alfred Sigloch, quoted by

It has been noticed that currently, naturist holidays are more popular in Germany than a few years ago. Sigloch, citing a study by the Holiday-Check portal, observed that 20 percent of Germans have gone on a naturist holiday at least once. At the same time, he pointed out that social acceptance of nudist culture is growing.

In recent years, the number of members of German naturist clubs has increased. Of course, there are nudists who have no club affiliation.

Why do people shed their clothes? This is what nudism says

Why do people practise nudism? Sigloch claims that it can be talked about in terms of multi-faceted benefits. Naturism - according to the German expert - allows one to accept their own body. Moreover, nudity in this context enhances self-confidence, challenging unrealistic beauty ideals.

Naturism also has a positive effect on physical health, mainly because the lack of clothes facilitates the "absorption" of vitamin D, which is provided, of course, by sunlight. Besides that, nudism helps reduce stress.

A sense of freedom in the nudist environment fosters relaxation, stated Sigloch.
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