NewsFrench parliament in turmoil as New People's Front leads without majority

French parliament in turmoil as New People's Front leads without majority

Elections in France.
Elections in France.
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Katarzyna Bogdańska

8 July 2024 07:07

The New People's Front won the most seats in the parliamentary elections in France but did not achieve an absolute majority in the National Assembly. The newspaper Le Monde reported the results of Sunday's elections, citing data from the Ministry of the Interior.

The New People's Front (NFP), an alliance of leftist parties, won the most seats with 182. In second place was President Emmanuel Macron's political camp, which secured 163 seats. The far-right National Rally came in third with 143 seats.

This means the New People's Front did not secure 289 seats to achieve an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

Votes have been counted in all districts. The voter turnout was 66.63%.

Elections in France
Elections in France© Le Monde
Election results in France
Election results in France© Le Monde

As reported in Le Monde, the election results appear to plunge France into greater political uncertainty. The parliament is likely to be paralysed and divided into three blocks.

The Associated Press commented earlier on the results that the lack of a majority for any alliance has plunged France into political and economic chaos. The deeply unpopular president has lost control of the parliament, and the far-right Marine Le Pen has drastically increased the number of seats in the parliament but did not meet expectations, added the AP.

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