NewsFrench elections: The National Rally leads as New People's Front gains

French elections: The National Rally leads as New People's Front gains

The French have decided. The official election results are in.
The French have decided. The official election results are in.
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Violetta Baran

1 July 2024 07:24

The official results of the first round of French elections have been announced. The National Rally received 33.2%, the New People's Front 28%, President Emmanuel Macron's camp 20%, and the Republicans 6.6%.

The French Ministry of the Interior has released the final results of the first round of parliamentary elections. The far-right National Rally emerged as the winner, garnering 30% of the votes together with its allies, reports.

The leftist New People's Front came in second with 28% of the votes.

The coalition of the incumbent president's centrist party, Renaissance—Together for the Republic, secured 20% of the votes, placing it third.

The official final results announced by the Ministry of the Interior indicate a slightly weaker performance for the National Rally (RN) and the Republicans (LR) compared to the Sunday exit poll by TF1.

July 7 - second round

In France, elections are held in 577 constituencies according to the majority electoral system. In the first round, candidates who receive 50% of the votes with a turnout of at least 25% of voters in the constituency automatically win.

However, this usually does not happen; therefore, in most constituencies, a second round will take place, scheduled for July 7. All candidates who received more than 12.5% of the eligible votes move on to the second round. Ultimately, the candidate who secures the most votes wins.

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