NewsFrance's election outcome may reshape Ukraine's war strategy

France's election outcome may reshape Ukraine's war strategy

Maria Le Pen
Maria Le Pen
Images source: © Getty Images | Artur Widak
Kamil Różycki

7 July 2024 12:58

The second round of accelerated parliamentary elections in France will take place on Sunday, 7 July. Many indicate that the conservative National Rally party, one of whose leaders is Marine Le Pen, will win. As the politician mentioned, her coming to power could mean significant changes for Ukraine.

The war beyond our eastern border has been ongoing for two and a half years now. During this time, Ukraine has repeatedly proven that without support from Europe and the USA, its continued involvement in the conflict will be in great jeopardy. So far, however, despite occasional delays in arms deliveries, European countries have consistently delivered them on time.

However, it now seems that the coming days will bring significant changes for Ukraine. As early as Sunday, 7 July, France will decide who wins the accelerated parliamentary elections. All indications point to the National Rally party, led by Marine Le Pen, known for supporting Vladimir Putin.

Even before the first round, much was said about the possible consequences of the National Rally party's victory for France. Equally significant changes await Ukraine, as Marine Le Pen has already stated, discussing a shift in the French government's approach to the war before the results of the second round were announced.

Ukraine will lose the right to attack targets in Russia

As revealed in an interview with CNN, the leader of the National Rally party stated that one of the most significant changes for Ukrainians will involve striking targets on Russian territory. According to the party leader, her potential government aims to avoid involving the French military in the war.

At the same time, Le Pen addressed the topic of the proposed deployment of French soldiers to Ukraine by President Macron. She opposes it and emphasizes that the prime minister will have the final say on this matter.

If Emmanuel Macron wants to send troops to Ukraine and the prime minister is against it, then there are no troops sent to Ukraine – said Le Pen. She also emphasized that "the prime minister has the final say".
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