LifestyleFinancial incentives entice new residents to Tuscan mountain towns

Financial incentives entice new residents to Tuscan mountain towns

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Mateusz Domański

28 June 2024 12:56

Tourists love Tuscany, but relatively few people decide to settle there permanently. Italians want to change this. They hope that substantial financial incentives will help. Anyone can receive as much as £26,000.

Some regions in Italy are depopulating at an alarming rate, and tourist-favourite Tuscany is struggling with this problem. Its authorities have announced that people who decide to move to its mountain towns can receive up to £26,000!

This is all part of the programme called "Mountain Stay 2024". Thanks to this initiative, you can receive between £9,000 and £26,000 when buying a house.

To receive the money, one must decide on a house in a mountain town with a population of less than 5,000. The funding cannot constitute more than 50% of the cost of purchasing and renovating the property.

Italy. Up to £26,000 for moving to Tuscany

Applicants must be citizens of Italy or another European Union country. They can also be from a non-EU country but must show a residence permit for at least 10 years.

Grant applications can be submitted until 27 July 2024. The recruitment is conducted through the Tuscany region's website.

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