LifestyleDishwasher tablets: The secret weapon for a sparkling clean toilet

Dishwasher tablets: The secret weapon for a sparkling clean toilet

How to clean the toilet?
How to clean the toilet?
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10 July 2024 18:52

Despite regular cleaning, limescale and yellow stains often appear in the toilet. Instead of scrubbing, it’s worth trying a particular product that may not be intended for bathroom cleaning but works excellently in this role.

Cleaning the bathroom, especially the toilet, requires regularity. However, many of us do not enjoy this activity. Using some simple yet effective methods will significantly speed up and facilitate cleaning the toilet bowl.

Throw it into the toilet. It will shine like new

Suppose traditional cleaning methods do not bring the desired results, and limescale and unsightly yellow stains are still visible in the toilet. In that case, it’s worth using a product that we usually buy for completely different purposes. Its ingredients work excellently in cleaning the toilet.

We are talking about a dishwasher tablet. Throw it into the toilet and wait a while for it to dissolve. You can pour boiling water into the bathroom, then thoroughly clean it with a brush and flush. After such a procedure, the bowl will look like new.

It’s worth leaving the tablet in the toilet for a few hours or even overnight for solid stains. Then, follow the steps described above.

Yellow stains on the seat? Use this proven method

Unfortunately, dirt and yellow stains can also appear on the toilet seat. In this case, it’s worth using tried-and-tested traditional methods, such as the unbeatable home cleaning duo of vinegar and baking soda.

First, spray the seat with vinegar. It’s best to pour it beforehand into a spray bottle. If the stains are intense, let the vinegar sit for several hours. Otherwise, after half an hour, sprinkle the seat with baking soda, spray again with vinegar, scrub thoroughly, rinse with water, and wipe dry.

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