LifestyleDecline of Hemingway's haunt: Sloppy Joe's loses its charm in Cuba

Decline of Hemingway's haunt: Sloppy Joe's loses its charm in Cuba

Tourists are beginning to complain about the iconic bar in Havana
Tourists are beginning to complain about the iconic bar in Havana
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Ilona Raczyńska

10 July 2024 14:11

Bar Sloppy Joe's in Cuba was a tourist hit for decades. It was the favourite establishment of American writer Ernest Hemingway and an iconic place. Tourists always emphasised that they could feel a New York spirit, which is missing even in New York. Unfortunately, the bar is falling into ruin, deterring customers with high prices and a lack of bread.

Sloppy Joe's in Havana previously attracted tourists, and now it scares them away. Independent Cuban media and press subjected to the regime write about the difficulties of this iconic place.

The decline of the famous bar in Cuba

The establishment, renovated in 2007, was for years one of the most frequently visited bars by tourists searching for remembrances of capitalism in Cuba. On site, one could try Caribbean cuisine delicacies and feel the atmosphere from before the Cuban Revolution, when Hemingway used to visit.

A few days ago, the daily capital "Cubadebate" reported that those times were over. A food critic who visited the bar was shocked that Sloppy Joe's deters with a lack of goods, including bread. She also complained that the natural juices, which the place was known for, are being replaced with drinks based on colourings and preservatives.

"Lots of reminders of capitalism but no actual capitalism" - summarised the Cuban newspaper.

The independent online daily 14ymedio, reporting on the Cuban bar's offer, claims that the prices of meals also scare away customers. According to their report, one sandwich at the establishment costs around £12, and its taste and appearance are not impressive.

They also added that the condition of the place does not encourage visits, and the ceiling is falling apart in the restrooms.

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