NewsCrane accident at football match leaves fans injured

Crane accident at football match leaves fans injured

A serious accident in Holland. The structure collapsed onto the fans.
A serious accident in Holland. The structure collapsed onto the fans.
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22 June 2024 20:54

A serious accident occurred during a training match between the amateur teams Stevo and Twente. Fans of one of the teams prepared a huge display suspended from a crane, which suddenly collapsed onto the people beneath it. It remains unclear how many people were injured.

During the match between the amateur teams Stevo and Twente, a gigantic banner was suspended from a construction crane. As the teams began to take to the field, fans ignited red flares and fireworks while holding the display from below. Suddenly, however, the banner’s mounting collapsed from a considerable height onto a group of fans.

Sander Janssen from Voetbal International reported that the players and witnesses rushed to assist the fans, and the field was prepared for a rescue helicopter landing.

It is not known how many people were injured. According to witness reports, all the injured are conscious. Emergency services and two helicopters—one Dutch and one German—arrived at the scene. The match was cancelled.

A recording was also published online by one of the fans, on whom the display directly fell.

One of the teams issued a statement

FC Twente issued a statement regarding the match's cancellation and the incident. "Before Saturday's training match Stevo—FC Twente, an accident occurred during the display presentation," the statement reads.

"When both teams took to the field, the banner with the display fell on the fans standing behind one of the goals. During this event, injuries occurred. Everyone is conscious and has received medical attention. A rescue helicopter was called as a precaution. The training match was cancelled. Our focus is on the injured fans and the people around them. We wish everyone a lot of strength," it was written.

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