EntertainmentBuster brunette: shocking video reveals America's transport crisis

Buster brunette: shocking video reveals America's transport crisis

He mistook him for a homeless person. Traffic chaos in the USA
He mistook him for a homeless person. Traffic chaos in the USA
Images source: © TikTok

30 June 2024 14:41

A recording from the USA quickly became a hit on the internet. The video demonstrated in the worst possible way that public transportation in the States practically does not exist.

There is a lot of talk about transportation exclusion. The problem is increasingly affecting villages, small towns, and county cities. Buses are more expensive, run less frequently, or are not available at all. On weekdays, transportation barely functions – on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, it is much worse. Living in the so-called bedroom communities without a car is like being without a hand. Alternatives are bicycles or electric scooters, but these are also not easily accessible transportation options for everyone.

The rail network looks better, although major cities are, of course, in a privileged position. The fact that it is practically impossible to get out of many places after 10 PM forces people to use cultural offerings or—more realistically—those working shifts to have a car. However, considering the state of public transport in the USA, in Europe, we have a real paradise.

A man was waiting for a bus. mistaken for a homeless drug addict

The USA is a vast country dominated by airports and motorways. There are legends that cities are not designed for pedestrians, and travelling by train or bus is a sad last resort. The concept of a walk is largely unknown.

On TikTok, on the teadove_hbb profile, a video was published where a man in a car stops at the sight of another man sitting on a curb. The man has long hair, wears glasses, has a jacket on, and drinks almond milk from a carton. "How did you end up in this situation?" asks the man in the car. The one sitting on the pavement doesn't understand the question. When asked if he takes drugs, he denies it. "So why are you sitting on the pavement like this?" asks the driver. "Dude, I'm waiting for a bus," the man gets annoyed, pointing out a bus stop right next to him. There is, however, no shelter or even a bench for those waiting for the bus.

For the driver, it was an unusual sight. It is also worth noting that no one else was looking for transportation besides this one passenger. Internet users in the comments are harsh on the man in the car: "We need to stop minding other people's business." "‘How did you end up in this situation?’ when bro is chilling," "This is crazy, I would be so mad," "Someone once gave me five dollars when I was waiting for an Uber in San Diego."

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