SportsBroadcaster blunder: BBC exposes Dutch footballer during live stream

Broadcaster blunder: BBC exposes Dutch footballer during live stream

The Dutch
The Dutch
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4 July 2024 08:09

BBC cameras captured an awkward moment in the Dutch locker room. After the match with Romania, the players removed their match clothes, which were broadcast live. There would be nothing unusual about this if not for the fact that one of them happened to take off his underwear at that moment.

Cameras capture Dutch footballer's bare buttocks

The situation occurred right after the Dutch won 3-0 against Romania in the Round of 16 of Euro 2024. The players went to the locker room to rest, listen to the coach's praises and remarks, and take a well-deserved bath. Journalists and BBC cameramen joined them in the room and immediately showed a surprising shot.

On the left side of the recording, two Oranje players can be seen changing clothes. One of them probably had no idea that a live broadcast was showing what was happening in his national team's locker room because he took off his underwear, which the cameramen did not manage to cover.

A photo from the Dutch national team's locker room
A photo from the Dutch national team's locker room© screen BBC

The cameraman turned the shot away a second after this, so it is unknown which player it was. However, the fans watching the post-match footage on television certainly saw everything. The media did not overlook this. The British tabloid "The Sun" reported on the matter.

The situation has become so notorious that comedian David Baddiel has commented on it. Reflecting on the cameraman's shot, he came to a simple conclusion: "Not sure the BBC should be filming in the Holland changing area - unless they specifically want background Dutch buttocks?"

The Dutch pursue European Championship victory

The Dutch national team is one of the solid contenders for victory at Euro 2024. Thanks to their triumph over Romania, they advanced to the quarter-finals, where they will face the tournament's sensation, Turkey. Ronald Koeman's team is considered the favourite for this match, but nothing is certain.

The Netherlands vs Turkey match is scheduled for Saturday, 6 July. In the event of a victory, Oranje will face the England vs Switzerland match winner.

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