EntertainmentBrazilian influencer's tragic death sparks plastic surgery probe

Brazilian influencer's tragic death sparks plastic surgery probe

An influencer has died after a buttock augmentation surgery.
An influencer has died after a buttock augmentation surgery.
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5 July 2024 17:06

A Brazilian influencer has left her two teenage children orphaned after undergoing a dangerous BBL procedure in pursuit of bigger buttocks. Ten days after the operation, she tragically passed away, her family confirmed.

The popularity of plastic surgery continues to rise, with certain countries becoming hotspots for those looking to alter their appearance. In Turkey, procedures for hair, nose, and teeth are sought after, while in Asia, facial adjustments are prevalent. Companies offering comprehensive medical tourism services are on the rise, managing everything from booking flights and hotels to employing translators and arranging medical consultations and surgeries. However, not all procedures end well; some patients face disfigurement, and others, heartbreakingly, pay with their lives.

Brazilian influencer died after buttock surgery

Aline Maria Ferreira da Silva was 33 years old and had nearly 54,000 followers on Instagram. In her quest for bigger buttocks, she underwent a BBL procedure on 22 June 2024, a procedure known to be exceptionally dangerous in medical circles. According to her family, 30 ml of polymethyl methacrylate was injected into each of her buttocks, a substance not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA due to its dangers. Nonetheless, some plastic surgeons continue to use it.

The day after the operation, Aline felt very unwell. Despite having a high fever, the medical staff at the hospital where her husband took her deemed her condition "normal" and administered only antipyretic drugs. On 29 June, she was admitted to the hospital again, this time in serious condition, suffering from severe abdominal pain and dizziness. Despite the doctors' efforts, Aline Maria Ferreira da Silva passed away on 2 July 2024. The cause of death was a heart attack.

The influencer's mother seeks justice

Aline's mother revealed that her daughter had complete faith in the clinic where she underwent the procedure, having previously had her eyes, lips, and nose enhanced there. In a conversation with "The Sun," the grieving mother expressed her determination: "I want justice; justice must be served."

An investigation into the plastic surgery clinic is underway. The police have detained its director, as the facility was apparently not registered to perform such procedures.

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