NewsBiden vows to stay in race despite concerns, critics grow louder

Biden vows to stay in race despite concerns, critics grow louder

President Joe Biden talks to George Stephanopoulos on ABC television.
President Joe Biden talks to George Stephanopoulos on ABC television.
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6 July 2024 13:26

An interview with US President Joe Biden on ABC television has caused embarrassment and irritation among his voters. The president's words have dashed hopes that his candidacy could be replaced before the November presidential election. Biden assured his viewers he felt great and intended to win against Donald Trump.

Joe Biden gave his first interview after what was described as a failed debate with his opponent. Earlier, he had already tried to explain why he performed so poorly during this key confrontation with Trump.

Biden, who lost his train of thought, stumbled, and could not speak coherently, alarmed Democratic supporters. The former president performed considerably better despite his arrogance and combative behaviour.

Following this confusing encounter, attempts began within the president's circle to replace Biden, who is in poorer condition, with another candidate. Meanwhile, the American president dismissed these calls, saying he does not intend to withdraw from re-election.

The conversation with George Stephanopoulos on ABC television was supposed to salvage Biden's image. The president assured that he is physically and mentally fit. He explained that he had - for an unknown reason - a bad evening before the debate. He also explained that he was slightly under the weather, but comprehensive medical test results he undergoes regularly, which are made public every year, are good.

He also firmly stated that he does not intend to withdraw from the elections. - If Almighty God came down to Earth and said: "Joe, withdraw," then I would. But God is not coming - Biden said, who believes that polls indicating Trump's lead are unreliable.

Biden's interview with ABC: critical voices persist

The interview caused concern among Democrats. Instead of calming President Biden's circle, it caused embarrassment. Although the president looked and behaved significantly better and had more energy, it did not allay the concerns.

Many Americans wonder why Biden's team is not honest with him and does not explain to him that the situation is dire. Trump's victory at this stage seems more than certain.

The president's allies believe that Joe Biden may simply not be aware of the gravity of the situation. - his decision will not only affect who serves in the White House for the next four years, but also who serves in the Senate, who serves in the House of Representatives, and it will have consequences for decades to come - said Congressman Mike Quigley in an interview with CNN.

 "It's hard to imagine that this good man could defeat Trump and serve another four years in the most demanding position in the world" - wrote Ron Fournier, a senior advisor at the communication agency Truscott Rossman and former White House correspondent, on platform X.

Democratic Congressman Lloyd Doggett commented on the ABC interview in an interview with CNN. He said that "every day of Biden's campaign makes it harder for a new person to step in to defeat Donald Trump".

Critics of Biden: "He doesn't feel the gravity," "denies reality," "didn't watch the interview"

Dana Milbank, a commentator for the "Washington Post," noted that Biden's stubbornness is astonishing. He was surprised that the president did not watch the debate recording. "This threatens to sink the candidacy" - wrote Milbank.

Similarly, "New York Times" commentator Peter Baker wrote that the president's ABC interview was "not only an exercise in damage control but also in denying reality". "Now, at perhaps the most threatening moment of his presidency, this confidence makes him increasingly isolated within his party" - Baker assessed.

He also added that Biden is now beginning a weekend during which his party will decide what to do. Democrats will try to pressure the president to withdraw from the race or reconsider his approach.

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