FoodBelarus café serves coffee in potatoes, stirs online buzz

Belarus café serves coffee in potatoes, stirs online buzz

He showed how they serve coffee in Belarus
He showed how they serve coffee in Belarus
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Beata Bialik

4 July 2024 20:21

Is coffee in Lukashenko's country better than a traditional cappuccino? That's what the protagonist of a recording circulating on social media claims while promoting a rather unconventional Belarusian café called "Roast." The stimulating drink is served here in a rather non-standard vessel: a hollowed-out potato...

Belarus experts know this country has long been known for its love of potatoes. Some even argue that this everyday vegetable is more valuable than oil and gas.

Cynics sometimes call Belarusians "bulbash" suggesting that they have always subsisted on potatoes. Now the vegetable has found its place in a café as well.

The unusual video appeared on social media and instantly became a hit.

Footage from the Belarusian café, where coffee is served in a hollowed-out potato instead of a regular cup, is being described online not quite as Alexander Lukashenko and his people would like. By the way, a potato is not their invention.

A quick look at Belarus. There was "kielbasino" (cappuccino served in... sausage), now "ziemniacino" is all the rage. Yes, Russia and Belarus deserve each other, commentators note sarcastically.

The protagonist of the video calls the drink "Bubaczino" and claims that it is better than the classic version of light coffee known from Italy. However, Poles commenting on the recording have a different opinion and express undisguised sarcasm.

Crikey, they have exclusive stuff, not like here in Europe - writes one of the commenters.
They should make grain coffee in that potato; it would be even more patriotic - adds another netizen.
Hit. There should also be a version of serving coffee in a shoe with a footwrap - sums up another commenter.

What do you think of the Belarusian version of a quick coffee, served in a potato?

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