NewsYoung Ukrainians caught fleeing military service in wheat fields

Young Ukrainians caught fleeing military service in wheat fields

Ukrainians have detained the escapees. They face severe punishment.
Ukrainians have detained the escapees. They face severe punishment.
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Marcin Lewicki

4 July 2024 11:26

Young Ukrainians do not always hasten to mandatory military service—some attempt to flee to Poland and Hungary. "Harvesters" who wanted to escape through the Ukrainian-Hungarian border illegally were detained by Ukrainian border guards. The recording has been posted online, allowing all Ukrainians to view it.

Ukraine is actively seeking forces to combat the Russian invasion. To recruit more soldiers, the authorities in Kyiv lowered the conscription age from 25 to 18. However, not all young Ukrainians are willing to defend their country.

Some Ukrainians wish to avoid military service by travelling to European Union countries. Occasionally, authorities detain individuals trying to cross into Poland and Hungary.

Recently, Ukrainian authorities detained a group attempting to cross into Hungary through wheat fields. Ten men paid smugglers between £5,700 and £8,100 for border assistance.

Ukraine. Men flee. They were caught

Their "journey" was ultimately unsuccessful. Authorities waited for conscripts attempting to evade military service. Although two people tried to escape, Ukrainian border guards detained everyone involved in the illegal escape attempt.

Investigators will now question them. Escapees face severe administrative penalties, and the Ukrainian authorities have the right to confiscate properties, among other consequences. Meanwhile, the organizers of the crossing through the grain fields face many years in prison.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian authorities are striving to prevent the illegal evasion of mandatory military service. Kyiv is suspending the operation of consulates in European Union countries to ensure that potential conscripts cannot renew their passports and must return to the country.

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