NewsYacht crew faces 20 years over Hydra Island fire

Yacht crew faces 20 years over Hydra Island fire

Fire on the island of Hydra in Greece
Fire on the island of Hydra in Greece
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24 June 2024 19:21

A 13-member yacht crew has been arrested in connection with a fire on Hydra Island in Greece. Authorities believe that the cause was fireworks launched from the yacht. The perpetrators could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of £173,000.

A fire broke out on Hydra Island, located near the Peloponnese, on Friday evening. The Minister for Civil Protection and Climate Crisis, Vassilis Kikilias, reported that the fire consumed 300 acres of the island's only pine forest. The fire was brought under control only on Saturday afternoon. Greek authorities stated that fireworks launched from a nearby yacht caused the fire.

A fine of up to £173,000

The vessel left the vicinity of Hydra and docked at a marina in Athens late Saturday afternoon. Shortly after, 13 crew members were arrested. On Sunday, they were taken to the prosecutor's office. The yacht has been temporarily confiscated.

eKathimerini reports that if the culprits are found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to £173,000. Earlier this year, Greece introduced stricter regulations regarding arson.

Greece struggles with fires

Hundreds of firefighters are battling 70 forest fires in various parts of Greece, including the islands of Andros and Salamina. Strong winds are hampering the firefighting efforts, which could lead to new outbreaks. Due to the threat, residents of four villages on the island have been evacuated. The fire has not yet reached the local tourist resorts. On Saturday, firefighters managed to extinguish the forest fire on Salamina in the Saronic Gulf west of Athens.

According to Greek meteorologists, fires can occur as early as the first half of June due to the early arrival of hot and dry air and strong winds.

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