TechWindows 11 24H2 enters the final testing phase ahead of autumn release

Windows 11 24H2 enters the final testing phase ahead of autumn release

Windows 11 22H2
Windows 11 22H2
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Oskar Ziomek

16 June 2024 15:52

Windows 11 24H2 is again being sent to testers in the Insider program who use the Release Preview channel. This signifies the continuation of testing the latest release of Windows 11 after its deployment was unexpectedly halted for some time. The latest build is Build 26100.863.

Windows 11 24H2 will be available in a stable release for the first computers this autumn. This is the expected release cycle and, unlike in past years, does not necessarily mean a groundbreaking moment for system users or a burst of new features. While Windows used to receive a large package of functional changes with a new "xxH2" release, for a long time, new features have been coming to Windows 11 in batches continuously within the Moment packages released throughout the year.

This does not change that Windows 11 24H2 is the only "big" system update - significant for users mainly as a reference point in the context of later received security updates. Microsoft maintains specific releases only for a certain period, forcing users to update their systems and install newer releases. For the same reason, Windows 10 users should consider updating their computers, as support will finally end in autumn 2025.

Significant confusion related to Windows 11 was recently caused by the tests of the Recall feature, which Microsoft first implemented "without hesitation" on computers. However, the proposed changes were later withdrawn after they were criticised by users concerned about privacy. Indeed, the solution in its current form appears flawed.

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