TechWest to bolster Ukraine with 54 advanced howitzers

West to bolster Ukraine with 54 advanced howitzers

RCH 155
RCH 155
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Norbert Garbarek

19 June 2024 08:52

The Franco-German conglomerate KNDS (KMW+Nexter Defence Systems) announced it will deliver dozens of valuable RCH 155 artillery systems to Ukraine. 54 of these machines are set to be delivered to Kyiv.

The West continues to support Ukraine, which is particularly important given the reported shortage of essential components in the Russian Federation necessary for producing, modernising, and servicing specific machines. Ukrainians can expect significant aid in the second half of 2024.

The equipment list that will soon arrive in Ukraine includes over 100 tanks (including T-72s from around the world), hundreds of infantry fighting vehicles and transports (including M2 Bradleys and CV-90s), and many artillery systems.

In the latter context, KNDS announced on Tuesday, June 18, that it would support Kyiv with a significant delivery of new machines. The RCH 155 artillery system, one of the most advanced in the world, is included. KNDS intends to deliver 54 howitzers to Ukraine, which will also be the most significant transfer of this weapon in Ukraine's history.

Dozens of RCH 155 for Ukraine

The RCH 155 howitzers are not entirely new to Ukraine. The same weapons were included in the German military support package announced in February of this year. Along with the mentioned RCH 155s, Ukrainians also received PzH 2000s, Skynex air defence systems, and over 200,000 rounds of ammunition. However, the aid announced by KNDS this time is unique because it involves 54 machines.

This howitzer, which has been in production since 2022. The manufacturer, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, equipped this design with a 155 mm howitzer with a barrel length of 52 calibres. Like the Krab, the RCH 155 also has a firing range of about 40 kilometres (the range can be increased using the longer-range V-LAP round).

An undeniable advantage is that the RCH 155 is the first howitzer in the world designed for shooting while in motion. This makes the design a much more challenging target for opposing forces – as today's reconnaissance systems can detect exact firing positions immediately after a shot is fired. Artillery that stays in motion is much harder to locate and hit.

RCH 155 is one of the best howitzers in the world

The mentioned howitzer stands out among its competitors not only due to its ability to shoot while moving but also due to its type of propulsion. Unlike the Krab or the PzH 2000, the RCH 155 uses wheeled propulsion instead of tracks. An MTU 8V199 engine, producing over 800 HP, powers the eight wheels. This combination allows the weapon to accelerate over 100 km/h. The maximum range on a single fuel tank for the RCH 155 is 700 kilometres.

The RCH 155's undeniable mobility is due to its high maximum speed, range, and ability to attack in motion. This howitzer, which fires up to 9 rounds per minute, allows the two-person crew to move relatively safely on the front lines.

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