LifestyleVenice police warn tourists of rising scam threats and thefts

Venice police warn tourists of rising scam threats and thefts

Tourists often get fooled by the "three-cup" game.
Tourists often get fooled by the "three-cup" game.
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Ilona Raczyńska

8 July 2024 12:41

The police in Venice warn tourists about the "three cups" game and other scams and thefts they may encounter while sightseeing. The severity of these dangers is such that the police have organized an informational campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness among tourists, especially foreigners, about the problem of scams in Venice.

Warning tourists in Venice

A dedicated information point has even been set up in the city, where visitors can learn what to avoid while sightseeing and how to behave in crowded places where pickpockets are lurking.

The biggest problem is the internationally known "three cups" game, which is most often presented by scammers in the area around the train station and at other points along the Grand Canal, crowded with visitors from all over the world.

The leaflet distributed to tourists explains that those who get involved in the game, deceived by the supposedly easy win, can lose money.

The leaflets also contain advice for visitors and helpful phone numbers for the security services.

The "three cups" game

The "three cups" game involves the operator quickly changing the position of the cups. After paying a certain amount, the player points out the winning cup, which hides the ball or coin.

The scammer often collaborates with "accomplices." They simulate the game so that a random person believes the operator is being outplayed. When people feel encouraged to join the game, they initially win, but only until they start betting more significant amounts. It's also common for onlookers to be deceived, among whom pickpockets circulate.

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