NewsUS purchases $209.5 million in uranium from Russia amid sanctions

US purchases $209.5 million in uranium from Russia amid sanctions

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Paweł Gospodarczyk

6 July 2024 18:41

As reported by the independent Russian newspaper "Kommersant", in May, the United States purchased enriched uranium from Russia for $209.5 million (£163,6 million) . This is the highest value since March 2023.

In May, Russia resumed uranium deliveries to the United States after a temporary suspension that took effect in April. The export volume amounted to 90,000 tonnes. "Kommersant", citing the United States Census Bureau, indicates that the value of the transaction was the highest since March of the previous year, when Russia supplied enriched uranium worth $245.9 million to the Americans.

USA buys uranium from russia again

In total, the United States purchased uranium in May for the highest amount in history: $987 (£770,6) million. China became the main exporter of enriched uranium ($324 million - £253 million). France is in second place ($245 million - £191,3 million), with Russia in third.

At the beginning of May, the US authorities passed a law prohibiting the import of low-enriched uranium. The regulations will come into force in August. Rosatom considers such sanctions to be "destructive for the sustainable functioning of the global market for nuclear fuel cycle goods and services". The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, stated that such actions are currently unrealistic.

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