NewsUkrainian forces capture bizarre 'chicken coop' Russian tank

Ukrainian forces capture bizarre 'chicken coop' Russian tank

Ukrainians captured a Russian "henhouse." This is the first such case during the war.
Ukrainians captured a Russian "henhouse." This is the first such case during the war.
Images source: © Telegram
Malwina Witkowska

18 June 2024 07:04

This marks the first instance where Ukrainian soldiers have managed to capture a Russian tank, nicknamed the "chicken coop." Inside the vehicle were Russian soldiers who were taken as prisoners. These tanks are equipped with additional "protections" made from makeshift materials. Their effectiveness on the frontline is negligible...

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over two years. Recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured an unusual Russian tank for the first time, which resembles a chicken coop more than a modern weapon.

The video shows Ukrainian soldiers entering the armoured vehicle and successfully controlling it. The Russian soldiers inside were taken hostage, and the machine was started and driven out of the brush.

Ukrainians proudly raised their country's blue and yellow flag on the tank, symbolising their triumph, indomitability, and determination in defending their homeland against the Russian aggressor.

The chicken coop, an unusual Russian tank

The tank in the video is armoured with scrap. This construction can protect from FPV-type drones with simple single-charge grenades capable of penetrating steel armour, as their detonation would occur several inches from the tank's primary armour.

The cages, also called "tortoise" or "chicken coop," are mounted on both old and newer Russian tanks to protect against shellfire.

The armoured scrap superstructure also provides makeshift protection for soldiers transported in the tank against artillery shrapnel. This Russian "armoured tortoise" is most likely intended to deliver troops to a specific region. It is worth noting that the additional armour limits horizontal turret movement, reducing the tank's combat effectiveness.

These vehicles are evidence of attempts to increase crew and equipment protection under intense shelling conditions, though often at the expense of manoeuvrability and combat effectiveness. The Armed Forces of Ukraine's capture of such a tank is another small success in the fight against the Russian invader.

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