NewsUkrainian drone strikes ignite Russian fuel depots: overnight attack in Tambov

Ukrainian drone strikes ignite Russian fuel depots: overnight attack in Tambov

Ukraine hits Russia's fuel infrastructure (Illustrative photo)
Ukraine hits Russia's fuel infrastructure (Illustrative photo)
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28 June 2024 07:41, updated: 28 June 2024 08:03

Ukrainian drones are once again striking Russian refineries and fuel depots. During a nighttime attack, fuel depots in the Russian municipality of Michurinsky in the Tambov region caught fire. This is another successful strike by the Ukrainian Special Forces SBU.

Kommersant reports that the governor of the Russian Tambov region, Maksim Yegorov, reported on the nighttime drone attack on the fuel depots. According to his account, the impact caused an explosion and fire. Eleven fire brigades participated in extinguishing the fire.

"The nearest settlement is 3.2 kilometres away. If necessary, the residents will be evacuated. Everything is ready for that. The situation is under control," Yegorov wrote on Telegram.

This is another attack by Ukraine in recent days. Last week, drone strikes caused a fire at the Platonovskaya fuel depot in the Rasskazovsky region. The fire was extinguished within 24 hours. On the same day, drone remnants were discovered in the Pervomaysky region, which exploded in mid-air. In both cases, no one was injured, indicated Kommersant.

30 refineries damaged

Special Forces of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) have already damaged more than 30 Russian refineries and fuel warehouses, and their drones reach targets in Russia up to 1,500 kilometres away without any problem, stated Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday.

The head of state acknowledged that Ukrainians should be aware of the Centre's contribution to destroying Russia's economic potential. "Ukrainians should know and be grateful for 'minusing' Russia's economic potential," which works in favour of the war and for strikes on Russian oil industry facilities.

Ukrainian military and special services regularly conduct advanced operations using drones on Russian territory. Military, industrial, and technological targets are attacked, including in regions far from Ukraine's borders, such as Tatarstan or the Leningrad region.

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