NewsUkrainian counterintelligence busts ex-nurse turned FSB agent

Ukrainian counterintelligence busts ex‑nurse turned FSB agent

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a female agent
The Security Service of Ukraine detained a female agent
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Rafał Strzelec

3 July 2024 18:11

The Ukrainian counterintelligence detained a woman recruiting corrupt officials in the Sumy region. Her task was also to locate militarily significant objects to become targets of Russian attacks. The agent turned out to be a former nurse.

The SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) reported the detention of an FSB agent who was aiding in the preparation of air attacks on targets in the Sumy region. The woman's main task was gathering information about local enterprises in the defence-industrial complex.

The FSB agent regularly appeared in the Sumy region for this purpose. During conversations, she inquired among friends for the information she needed. She also wanted to establish contact with former and current employees of defence factories. When she managed to find people with similar views, she tried to recruit them into a network of informants and offer them money from the FSB.

Ukraine. Woman detained by SBU

The Ukrainian counterintelligence effectively stopped the activities of the woman. First, her treacherous actions were documented, and then she was detained. The agent turned out to be a former nurse with - as stated - racist views.

According to the SBU, the woman kept in touch with relatives residing in the Russian Federation who supported the armed aggression against Ukraine. It was through her relatives that the FSB recruited the woman. It is known that she used an anonymous chat to communicate with the agents.

During the detention, mobile phones were found containing evidence of illegal activities. The woman was charged under Article 2 of the 111 Criminal Code of Ukraine for treason committed during a state of war. She is currently in custody and faces life imprisonment. The SBU's actions were carried out under the strict supervision of the district prosecutor's office.

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