SportsUEFA warns fans as severe weather hits Düsseldorf during Euro 2024

UEFA warns fans as severe weather hits Düsseldorf during Euro 2024

In the photo: fans of the England national team
In the photo: fans of the England national team
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6 July 2024 20:03

Weather conditions in Germany during Euro 2024 are highly variable. On Saturday (6 July), UEFA sent a warning to fans in Düsseldorf, where the match between the England and Switzerland national teams will take place. This is due to dire weather forecasts.

Euro 2024 is drawing to a close. On Friday (5 July), we saw the first semi-finalists, Spain and France's national teams. These teams will face off in a confrontation for a place in the final.

On Saturday, we will meet the next and last semi-finalists. First, there will be a match between the national teams of England and Switzerland, followed by the Netherlands facing Turkey.

The first of the matches above will take place in Düsseldorf. Consequently, many fans of both teams have arrived in the city. However, they encountered severe weather, prompting UEFA to issue a warning.

"Heavy rain and wind are forecast for this afternoon at the Düsseldorf Arena. Don’t forget your rain gear," the alert received by fans from England and Switzerland reads.

Additionally, fans who do not have tickets to the stadium are advised to watch the match in the fan zone or in one of the bars or pubs in the Old Town. Despite the bad weather in Germany, Düsseldorf is filled with fans of both teams, who will compete at 17:00 for a place in the semi-finals of the European Championship.

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