NewsU.S. clears expanded strikes as Ukraine targets Russian forces beyond Kharkiv

U.S. clears expanded strikes as Ukraine targets Russian forces beyond Kharkiv

An important decision from the USA. The Russians need to be on guard.
An important decision from the USA. The Russians need to be on guard.
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Violetta Baran

19 June 2024 21:09

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan admitted that the approval to attack Russian positions with American weapons is not limited to areas around the Kharkiv region. Moreover, Ukrainians can also use air defense systems from the USA to shoot down Russian aircraft attacking Ukraine from Russian territory.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, when asked in an interview with PBS about the extent of the agreement with Ukrainians regarding the use of American weapons for attacks, replied that "it extends to all areas where Russian forces cross from the Russian side to the Ukrainian side to try to take more Ukrainian territory."

Initially, the White House indicated that Ukraine could target mainly areas around the Kharkiv region, where Russian forces are conducting an offensive.

President Joe Biden's advisor added that preliminary information indicates that the Russians are also preparing to attack Sumy.

"This is about common sense"

- This is not about geography. This is about common sense. Suppose Russia attacks or prepares to attack from its territory on Ukraine. In that case, it makes sense to allow Ukraine to respond against forces shelling them from across the border - Sullivan pointed out.

When asked why the permission to use American weapons on Russian territory only applies to border regions, the president's advisor emphasized that Ukraine can also use American air defense systems to shoot down planes bombing it within Russian airspace.

Michael Carpenter, Director for Europe at the National Security Council, confirmed on Wednesday that the actions were extended to the Sumy area. Carpenter stated that the goal of this approach is "to ensure that Russia does not have de facto sanctuary on its side of the border."

Will Trump break the agreement with Ukraine?

In an interview with PBS, Sullivan admitted that the 10-year security agreement signed by the USA and Ukraine, which provides for American military assistance to Ukraine, could be broken by Donald Trump if he wins the November presidential elections.

- In life and especially in a democracy, there are never any absolutely certain guarantees. Things can change, leaders can change, situations can change - Sullivan said.

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