NewsU.S. buckles under fierce wildfires and extreme heat

U.S. buckles under fierce wildfires and extreme heat

Fires are troubling the United States.
Fires are troubling the United States.
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4 July 2024 13:53

Unfortunately, it is unsurprising to anyone that a large part of the world struggles with heat waves during the summer and, consequently, terrifying wildfires. It is no news that Greece or Spain burn during holidays. This time, terrible news comes to us from the United States.

Global warming is a fact. We see it literally at every turn. Scientists highlight that sea and ocean waters are getting warmer, glaciers are melting much faster than expected, and African air in Europe is no surprise to anyone. Unfortunately, we are also getting used to the fact that every year, we receive terrible news about wildfires, which are a real threat to the lives of people and animals.

After the huge fires in Greece, it was the turn of the United States. Journalists from the US report a massive threat. Thousands of people have been evacuated, and alerts have been sent to over 110 million people. It is dangerous in 21 states, and Californian firefighters are doing everything possible to combat the fire that plagues the forests and could spread.

Massive fires plague the United States

On Wednesday, 3rd July, we received terrible news from the United States. It turned out that massive fires plague California. Officers of the appropriate services are doing what they can to ensure the fire does not threaten residents, but it is unclear if their mission will end as they hope. That is why an alert about danger was sent to over 100 million people, and thousands have been evacuated.

American media reported that one of Oroville's largest and worst fires had broken out. The fire has destroyed many buildings. Governor Gavin Newsom officially decided to introduce a state of emergency in the area affected by the threat. Many residents have been evacuated and taken to a safe place.

— We are utilizing all available resources to confront this fire and are maintaining close cooperation with local and federal partners to support communities — said Gavin Newsom in an interview with journalists.

Dangerous fires are troubling the United States.
Dangerous fires are troubling the United States.© Canva

According to the information from the National Weather Service, record and dangerous temperatures are affecting not only California but also the southern plains and the mid-Atlantic region. Heat warnings have covered 110 million people across 21 states.

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