SportsTurkish and Georgian fans clash in storm-hit Dortmund ahead of Euro 2024

Turkish and Georgian fans clash in storm-hit Dortmund ahead of Euro 2024

A brawl among fans at the stadium in Dortmund
A brawl among fans at the stadium in Dortmund
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Aneta Polak

18 June 2024 19:38

In Dortmund, right before the Turkey vs. Georgia match, things got dangerous. Fans gathering at Signal Iduna Park were surprised by heavy rain, but even that didn't cool the emotions. There was a fight among fans of both teams in the stands. A recording of the surprising scenes appeared online.

June 22 at 5:00 PM GMT an intriguing clash will take place on the field - Turkey and Georgia will fight for victory. But even before the teams appeared on the pitch, the fight was already on... soaking-wet fans.

It all started when—as reported by the German "Bild"—the fan zone at Friedensplatz and the public viewing zone in Westfalenpark, in Dortmund, were closed due to a strong storm warning.

The weather also took its toll at Signal Iduna Park, where heavy rain caused holes in the roof. For some fans, it was a cold shower. Literally, despite this, the emotions were not cooled. At some point, Turkey and Georgia fans jumped at each other.

As seen in the video posted online, physical altercations occurred, with fans of both teams throwing various objects at each other. At least several dozen aggressive men were involved in the brawl, which had to be broken up by the police.

Euro 2024. fan fight in Dortmund

It is still unknown what caused the dispute. Perhaps the emotions were not just football-related but political as well. According to journalists present in Dortmund, Georgian fans were already shouting slogans around the stadium, such as: "Yes to Europe, no to Russia."

According to "Bild," there are as many as 80,000 Turkish fans in Dortmund. As can be seen, the city turned red and heated up to the max. Although Georgians are in the minority, they are making their presence known.

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