NewsTrump's false 'Man of the year' claims debunked by CNN fact-check

Trump's false 'Man of the year' claims debunked by CNN fact-check

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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Beata Bialik

17 June 2024 13:11

The presidential campaign in the United States is in full swing, accompanied by repeatedly propagated falsehoods from one of its leading candidates. Despite its inaccuracy, CNN highlights what Donald Trump persistently repeats during the campaign and conducts professional fact-checking.

Donald Trump consistently claims he received the title of Man of the Year in Michigan years ago. These false claims were made during a meeting with Detroit voters.

CNN pointed out that this is the third time the candidate running for President of the USA has repeated the same falsehood.

Journalists highlighted the falsehoods repeated by Trump by presenting several indisputable pieces of evidence.

No one was able to find any evidence that before he started running for President, he was ever selected as the "Man of the Year" in Michigan. The state does not grant a "Man of the Year" award; Trump never lived in Michigan; and he never clarified who and when supposedly granted him this award - writes CNN.

The actual award Donald Trump received is the title of "Man of the Decade", granted by the Oakland County Republican Party in 2023, but the issue of the supposed "Man of the Year" title has been ongoing for two years.

Back then, Trump asserted that he received the noted title from the Chamber of Commerce in Michigan, but CNN proves that the Chamber of Commerce does not grant such a title. Despite this, Trump stubbornly maintains that he is unsure who supposedly granted him the award and why.

Trump's campaign did not immediately respond to CNN's Sunday request to provide any evidence that he received such an award - reads the portal's site.
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