NewsTrain derails in Komi, EU tariffs on Ukraine, bear spray in Trentino

Train derails in Komi, EU tariffs on Ukraine, bear spray in Trentino

A train derailed in Russia
A train derailed in Russia
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Katarzyna Bogdańska

27 June 2024 07:17

Here's what happened while you were sleeping. Global agencies reported this overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

  • A train accident occurred in the Republic of Komi in northern Russia. A train on the Vorkuta to Novorossiysk route derailed. Nine out of 14 carriages went off the tracks. Rescuers and rescue helicopters were dispatched to the scene. Around 70 people were injured. The cause is believed to be track washout due to heavy rains.
  • The EU will reinstate tariffs on eggs and sugar from Ukraine on Friday, using the "safety brake" agreed upon to appease farmers who protested this year in many Community countries, as reported by the newspaper "Financial Times," citing two anonymous sources.
  • Two Russian pranksters who gained worldwide fame by calling politicians and impersonating various well-known figures published a recording of a conversation with David Cameron on Wednesday. The British Foreign Secretary was convinced he was speaking with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
  • Local government chairman Maurizio Fugatti said all residents of the Trentino province should be equipped with bear spray. This is necessary due to the increasing bear population entering towns and villages.
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