NewsTragic light aircraft crash claims three lives near Paris

Tragic light aircraft crash claims three lives near Paris

Tragedy near Paris
Tragedy near Paris
Images source: © Facebook, Getty Images
Adam Zygiel

30 June 2024 21:18

Light plane crash in France. A small aircraft has crashed on the M4 motorway near Paris, resulting in the deaths of three people.

The tragedy occurred shortly before 3 PM in the town of Noisiel. The light aircraft, which had taken off from Lognes airport, most likely hit a high-voltage power line before falling onto the M4 motorway.

As a result of the incident, the three passengers of the light aircraft died. They were two men and a woman. According to the authorities, the pilot was 35 years old. An investigation has been initiated.

Fortunately, the light aircraft did not collide with any vehicles on the motorway, which was blocked in both directions for a while.

"Le Parisien" reminds us that a similar accident occurred in July last year. On that occasion, a light aircraft was supposed to land at a nearby airport but fell onto a barrier on the M4 motorway instead. However, only one person was injured at that time - the pilot. The passengers were unharmed.

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