LifestyleThe secret ingredient for fluffy scrambled eggs revealed

The secret ingredient for fluffy scrambled eggs revealed

Add a few drops of this product to the scrambled eggs / illustrative photo
Add a few drops of this product to the scrambled eggs / illustrative photo
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Aleksandra Lewandowska

2 July 2024 11:44

Is it possible to make scrambled eggs even better? As it turns out, yes. Add a few drops or a teaspoon of a particular ingredient to make them as fluffy as a cloud. You'll be surprised that this is the crucial element here.

Scrambled eggs are certainly one of the most popular breakfasts. With the addition of sandwiches, sliced vegetables, or light salads, it creates not only a tasty but also a nutritious meal. Although each of us has our way of preparing it, it turns out that few know about this one trick. Adding this ingredient will make it even fluffier.

The secret to fluffy scrambled eggs

Classic scrambled eggs primarily consist of eggs, a pinch of salt, and pepper. They are often fried in butter, sometimes with onions, ham, or cheese. So, what can we add to make them even better and fluffier?

Add a few drops or one teaspoon of lemon juice to the ingredients mentioned above, which will make the scrambled eggs light and fluffy like never before. It's all due to the acid naturally found in lemon. It delays the coagulation of proteins, making the scrambled eggs fluffy.

How to make good scrambled eggs?

If you don't have a lemon at home, you can try the trick with potato starch, which works the same way. However, the difference is that you must start preparing the scrambled eggs by mixing a teaspoon of starch with about two tablespoons of milk. Once you remove the lumps, add a bit of butter to the mixture. In this case, about half a tablespoon is entirely sufficient. Then, you can mix everything with the eggs.

Also, remember that scrambled eggs should be cooked on low heat—never on high. This way, they won't gel as quickly and will be moist but creamy. Cooking on low heat also allows you to better control the desired doneness of the eggs.

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