NewsTerrorist attacks in Dagestan leave 19 dead, new footage emerges

Terrorist attacks in Dagestan leave 19 dead, new footage emerges

New footage from the terrorist attack in Dagestan
New footage from the terrorist attack in Dagestan
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Kamil Różycki

24 June 2024 21:01

Another series of terrorist attacks has occurred on Russian territory. New recordings showing the assailants' attack on police officers on a street in Makhachkala are appearing online. These recordings capture the initial moments of the assault and the exchange of gunfire between the assailants and the police officers.

The last few days in Russia have been far from calm. Brutal terrorist attacks continue, with the number of injured and killed steadily increasing. Among the most notable incidents were the events in Makhachkala, where the assailants killed several police officers and a priest.

Within a few short hours, terrorists attacked a synagogue and a church in Derbent, a cathedral and a police station in Makhachkala, and later fired at a car in the village of Sergokala. As a result, 19 people were killed, 15 of whom were officers. The high number of fatalities was primarily due to an almost 30-minute shootout.

The state's reaction should only be one: for terrorists – the death penalty, for their accomplices – prison, for their family and friends – expulsion from government service and a lifetime ban on working in government bodies. Otherwise, we will not defeat this hydra — called for collective responsibility the leader of the Fair Russia party, Sergei Mironov, quoted by "Kommersant".

New footage of the initial moments of the attack in Makhachkala

Just a few minutes after the attack, the first recordings showing the assailants appeared on the internet. One of them also shows the initial struggles of the police officers from Makhachkala, who were clearly taken by surprise.

The recording also shows one of the Russian officers falling to the ground next to a car after being wounded. He is likely one of the several injured and killed police officers who died in the Sunday attack.

Russian media report that one of the assailants who attacked in Dagestan was Ali Zakarigae, former chairman of the Fair Russia party branch in the Sergokala district.

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