EntertainmentSunglasses in clubs: TikToker’s shocking reveal on party drug users

Sunglasses in clubs: TikToker’s shocking reveal on party drug users

She discovered how to recognise suspicious people in clubs. "Everyone is high"
She discovered how to recognise suspicious people in clubs. "Everyone is high"
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26 June 2024 19:26

Sunglasses—elements of styling or camouflage, like fake moustaches? A certain TikTok made a groundbreaking discovery and shared it with her followers.

Friday night often signifies a trip to the club - at least for those within a specific age range. As one age, the allure of dinner gatherings until 10 PM becomes more enticing, along with quiet evenings featuring board games. The comfort of one's bed beckons irresistibly, contrasting starkly with noisy, smoky party spots and pricey nighttime bus or taxi rides.

Some, however, party vigorously not just once but several times a week. How is this feasible? Perhaps due to substantial energy reserves or... chemical enhancers. These substances are certainly not rare, especially considering their costs compared to alcohol at a venue; they are pretty inexpensive, unfortunately. However, does everyone on the dance floor indulge in gummies or fairy dust? Probably not. TikToker Sofia Elizabeth reveals how to identify the suspicious ones.

They wear sunglasses in clubs. She used to be one of them

Sofia Elizabeth was taken aback by her discovery, so she shared it with her followers. The TikToker confessed that she realised that if someone in a club is wearing sunglasses, they are likely under the influence of drugs.

"I thought it was a fashion statement. A trend we're all partaking in, including myself. Later, I saw a video explaining that one can assume anyone in a club wearing sunglasses is under the influence of drugs. I've never taken drugs, which should be evident. I was quite surprised when people questioned me about it," she recounts, horrified by the misconception. The girl states she merely wanted to look fantastic and "now she's found out that it's for people who are tripping."

“It turned out that it wasn’t a trend. It’s a life hack, and I didn’t recognise the difference,” she laments, disgusted. However, let's debunk these rumours - not everyone in clubs who wears dark sunglasses is high. Some individuals have an allergy.

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