EntertainmentSpeed's wild encounter: Barking at Albania's Prime Minister live

Speed's wild encounter: Barking at Albania's Prime Minister live

A popular rapper barks at the prime minister? Internet users in shock
A popular rapper barks at the prime minister? Internet users in shock
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22 June 2024 01:33

Darren Watkins, known as "Speed" or "IShowSpeed," visited the Prime Minister of Albania. He streamed the entire meeting on YouTube, allowing his fans to follow the unusual conversation in real-time. At one point, the streamer barked at the politician.

Darren Watkins, operating under the pseudonym "Speed" or "IShowSpeed," is an American rapper, YouTuber, and streamer. He is famous for live streaming and is known for songs such as "Shake," "World Cup," and "Get Down." He began his career by creating content on TikTok. Many internet users greatly enjoy his eccentric personality and creativity. Currently, he is followed by over 25 million people on YouTube.

Does Speed love barking at people?

Speed is known for another unusual activity: barking. The rapper has barked at a dog, streamer Kai Cenat, and famous football players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Most of the content he publishes revolves around this unconventional activity.

The rapper barked at the Prime Minister of Albania

A peculiar livestream appeared on the rapper's YouTube channel. Speed flew to Albania to meet with Prime Minister Edi Rama. He planned the entire conversation to bark at the politician at the climax.

Initially, their meeting went smoothly. The Prime Minister asked the artist when he arrived. The man admitted that he "landed just three hours ago." Next, Rama asked what brought him to the country, to which Speed replied: "I have to" (correction: "I had to" - editor's note). The streamer felt the urge to explore the country. The next question for the rapper was how he discovered the country. This was when the TikToker couldn't hold back and executed his plan.

Probably for the sake of content, Speed fabricated a story about an Albanian football player. He claimed that the player behaved like a dog. Then, the rapper put on a fierce face and barked like a purebred beast. The country's Prime Minister was somewhat confused but ignored the incident and continued the conversation.

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