NewsSpanish missile defence to bolster NATO's Eastern flank

Spanish missile defence to bolster NATO's Eastern flank

King of Spain Felipe VI Bourbon promised Estonia Spanish Nasams missile defence systems
King of Spain Felipe VI Bourbon promised Estonia Spanish Nasams missile defence systems
Images source: © East News, Flickr

24 June 2024 20:34

The King of Spain, Felipe VI Bourbon, announced during his visit to Tallinn that the Spanish Armed Forces would temporarily transfer the advanced NASAMS missile defence system to Estonia. The system transfer is expected to last at least four months.

The decision to transfer the NASAMS system was approved by the Spanish military command. Spanish soldiers, who will conduct training on the use of the equipment, will go to Estonia in September after the process of preparing military convoys is completed.

Felipe VI Bourbon made the declaration during a two-day visit to Tallinn. The monarch met with Estonian President Alar Karis and assured him that the Spanish army was committed to defending NATO's eastern flank.

Spanish defence system to go to Estonia

Spanish troops are present in the Baltic countries. Over 4,000 soldiers deployed by Madrid are stationed in Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, and Romania.

According to the Polish Press Agency, the King of Spain emphasises that despite the geographic distance, Spain feels close to Estonia. Felipe VI Bourbon also highlighted that both countries have a similar stance on the need to punish Russia for the war crimes committed by its forces on Ukrainian territory.

The NASAMS missile defence system that Spain will transfer to Estonia is an advanced military structure with short- and medium-range ground-to-air capability. It allows for effective defence against cruise missile attacks, drones, and helicopters.

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