EntertainmentSons' last tribute: Painting father's coffin with love and skill

Sons' last tribute: Painting father's coffin with love and skill

The sons painted their father's coffin.
The sons painted their father's coffin.
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26 June 2024 15:39

A TikTok user shared a heart-wrenching video with her followers, showing her father and uncle painting a coffin. The men wanted to honour their deceased father, who taught them how to spray paint cars.

For many mourners, the death of loved ones means the personal end of the world—the end of an era, constant encounters with items once used by the departed person, and returning memories striking at random moments. Some people require psychological support to reorganise a reality where the loved one's voice is no longer heard. Some decide on a final act of sacrifice, such as personally dressing the deceased loved one or doing makeup that they wore in life.

Brothers bid farewell to their father

TikToker Mylenemm shared a video in which two sons spray paint their father's coffin. The deceased had taught his children how to spray paint cars, and they decided to use their skills to give their father a dignified farewell. Mylene wrote, "hurts knowing I lost my grandpa but realizing they lost their dad"

Commenters on TikTok expressed support for Mylene's family. Ally wrote: "'Grief is the price we pay for love.' What a gesture. Peace be with you and your loved ones." Another commenter added, "Your grandfather would be proud knowing that their last act of love was using the knowledge he passed on to them."

The sons' work exceeded expectations

Many people asked Mylene to show the results of her father and uncle's work. The girl fulfilled the commenters' request, leaving them in awe. Mylene’s grandfather’s coffin was painted an intense, high-gloss red. The brothers painted floral elements on the wood, reminiscent of expensive lace. TikTok commenters are amazed by the design. In their opinion, Mylene’s grandfather is smiling from heaven, looking at the beautiful work of his sons. Many internet users emphasise that the coffin made by the brothers is the most beautiful they have ever seen.

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