NewsShamanic ritual turns deadly: Mystery surrounds Venice bartender's death

Shamanic ritual turns deadly: Mystery surrounds Venice bartender's death

Tragedy during a shamanic ceremony in Venice.
Tragedy during a shamanic ceremony in Venice.
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8 July 2024 09:17, updated: 8 July 2024 10:24

The Venetian community is shaken after the death of 26-year-old bartender Alex Marangon. The man died under mysterious circumstances after participating in a shamanic ceremony. The death occurred following a two-day ayahuasca ritual in the deserted Santa Bona Abbey in Vidor, in the province of Treviso.

Alex Marangon was one of about twenty participants in the ceremony aimed at spiritual healing. It was organised by Italian "musical medics" Andrea Gorgi Zuin and Tatiana Marchetto. The event also included an Amazonian healer and a Colombian musician, Jhonni Benavides, who specialises in ritual chants.

During the ritual, participants consumed ayahuasca tea, a plant known for causing solid hallucinations. This substance is banned in many countries, including Italy, due to its psychoactive properties.

Tragedy during a shamanic ceremony in Venice

Marangon consumed ayahuasca twice and received an injection of Amazonian frog venom to alleviate asthma symptoms. Witnesses testified that they monitored his movements for a while before losing sight of him.

The man was last seen around 3 AM, running barefoot in the abbey gardens. Participants reported his disappearance three hours later. The police found his phone, car, and documents on the abbey grounds, but Marangon was nowhere to be seen.

The man's body was discovered a few days later on an island in the Piave River, 2.5 miles from the ceremony site. The autopsy revealed that Marangon died due to a head injury. Additionally, he had multiple rib fractures and other bodily injuries. Prosecutor Marco Martani from Treviso confirmed that Marangon was killed as a result of violence, not an accident.

Family and investigation

Marangon's family is devastated and appeals for help in solving the mystery of his death. The deceased's mother, Sabrina Brosser, appealed to the ceremony participants to break their silence and help reveal the truth.

My son would not have disappeared into thin air, he was full of dreams and desires. And above all, he wouldn’t have left without his mobile phone, said Sabrina Brosser.

The ceremony organisers, Zuin and Marchetto, cooperate with the police, but the investigation is complicated. In the meantime, there have been reports that Marangon might have had connections with satanic cults, which are currently being investigated by the local police.

The death of Alex Marangon is a tragic reminder of the dangers associated with illegal and potentially hazardous shamanic practices.

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