NewsSex, lies, and videotape: London prison rocked by scandal

Sex, lies, and videotape: London prison rocked by scandal

Scandal in British prison, warden had sex with inmate
Scandal in British prison, warden had sex with inmate
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Mateusz Kaluga

29 June 2024 16:12, updated: 29 June 2024 16:28

British media are in an uproar about a scandal in a London prison. A prison guard entered a cell and had sex with an inmate. Another inmate recorded their lewd behaviour, and the video quickly appeared online. The woman’s actions may be less surprising when we delve into her past...

According to the "Daily Mail", 31-year-old Linda De Sousa Abreu is in significant trouble and under police investigation. All of this happened after she was recorded having sex with a prisoner at Wandsworth prison in London. The woman has since reportedly resigned from her position as a prison guard.

British media report that Linda and her husband were stars of Channel 4's show "Open House: The Great Sex Experiment" in the past, where couples discussed pushing boundaries in their relationships. Additionally, the woman is said to have an account on "Only Fans," considered a haven for amateur adult content.

The "Daily Mail" also refers to a comment from the sister of the former London prison guard. She allegedly revealed that Linda is a swinger.

She's a swinger. She was on a Channel Four programme called Open House. "I never saw it. It's not the sort of thing I'd watch with my little sister in." Andreina added: "I only found out that she worked for the prison service in January. "That's when I spoke to her and said do not mix your lifestyle with work. Don't be stupid, don't do stupid things - said Andreina.

Scandalous prison recording. "We made history"

The "Daily Mail" article includes a short recording. The cell shows a television and clothes arranged on a bunk bed. In the video, the guard is having sex with the inmate, and his fellow inmate is recording with a phone. - Guys we've made history, this is what I'm telling you - he says to the phone.

The guard’s radio was likely intentionally left on, which is why someone is seen trying to enter the cell shortly after. The person filming instructed his friend to continue while he went to the door. - This is how we roll in Wandsworth - he continued, speaking to the camera.

The website cites Vanessa Frake, a former head of security, who called the recording shocking. - This woman disgraces not only herself, the uniform and the Prison Service - she said.

Staff corruption is not tolerated and the former prison officer allegedly featured in this video has been reported to the police. It would be inappropriate to comment further while they investigate - a Prison Service spokesman told the "Daily Mail".

The website adds that according to official statistics, since 2013, over 80 prison staff have been dismissed or reprimanded for relationships with inmates. Up until last year, 59 women and 24 men were caught.

The prison underwent an inspection. Shocking results

The "Daily Mail" recalls a recent inspection of Wandsworth prison. It was found that 80% of prisoners were sharing cells meant for one person, 44% tested positive for drugs, and some hadn’t used the shower for five days.

The "Daily Mail" reports that German tennis player Boris Becker is among the inmates in London’s largest prison. In previous years, the facility housed Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, and writer Oscar Wilde.

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