LifestyleSeasonal pickling: The secret to perfect cucumbers for summer

Seasonal pickling: The secret to perfect cucumbers for summer

How to pickle cucumbers so they are crunchy and delicious?
How to pickle cucumbers so they are crunchy and delicious?
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9 July 2024 14:36

Vegetable enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the season for field cucumbers is just beginning. July is when they are at their firmest and most suitable for pickling. If you want your pickled cucumbers to be full of flavour and aroma, there is one rule worth noting.

Pickled cucumbers are a well-known and liked element of cuisine. They are a source of valuable vitamins, minerals, and probiotics that support our immune and digestive systems. The pickling process enriches cucumbers with vitamin C, and their low-calorie count makes them an ideal snack for the health-conscious – after all, there are only 11 calories in 100 grams of cucumbers.

Knowing the traditional preparation methods is worth knowing if you want to enjoy pickled cucumbers all year round. One such method is the "3 times 3" method.

How to prepare cucumbers for pickling?

The process of preparing pickled cucumbers begins at the vegetable selection stage. The smaller the cucumbers, the faster they go through the pickling process and become firmer. Therefore, it's worth getting the smallest ones available. The next step is preparing the cucumbers. They should be placed in cold water for at least an hour. This will make the vegetables crunchier.

For pickling, stoneware or glass containers are best. Before starting the process, thoroughly wash the container and the pickling set, which includes dill flowers, garlic, and horseradish. You will also need a grape, oak, or blackcurrant leaf to prevent the cucumbers from becoming too soft.

Our grandmothers used the "3 times 3" rule

Our grandmothers had proven methods for pickling cucumbers. To get the best results, it's worth following the rule of three times three, which means three litres of water, three litres of cucumbers, and three tablespoons of salt. By following this proportion, you will get delicious, crunchy cucumbers.

Preparing the pickle is very simple. Boil three litres of water, then cool it to 40 degrees Celsius. Add three tablespoons of salt, preferably sea salt or finely ground non-iodised salt. Once the water cools, prepare the pickle.

At the bottom of the container, place some garlic, dill, and horseradish, then lay the vegetables on top of them. Place the rest of the pickling set on top of the cucumbers. Repeat this process until all the ingredients are used. Finally, pour the brine and cover the container with a small plate. After two days, you will get low-salt cucumbers, and after ten days - pickled cucumbers.

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