EntertainmentScotland-Hungary thriller: Slow medical response in crucial moment

Scotland-Hungary thriller: Slow medical response in crucial moment

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24 June 2024 13:02

Dramatic scenes unfolded during the Scotland-Hungary match in the 68th minute. Barnabás Varga, after colliding with the opposing goalkeeper, fell to the ground. The team captain, Dominik Szoboszlai, was the first to assist, who had numerous complaints about the medical staff.

The match held immense significance for both teams. The Hungarians, after two losses in Euro 2024—to Switzerland 1-3 and Germany 0-2—needed a win to have a chance of advancing from third place in Group A, which was crucial for Marco Rossi's team.

The Scots were in a slightly better position, having one point from a draw with Switzerland 1-1. In the opening match, they lost to Germany 1-5. Under such circumstances, both teams must play aggressively to avoid ending their tournament journey.

The game wasn't particularly spectacular. Hungary had the upper hand, creating 14 goal opportunities, but they lacked effectiveness. The Scots made only one successful shot on the opponent's goal.

However, the most attention was drawn not to the results of the battle on the field but to the incident in the 68th minute. During a free-kick cross, Varga collided with the opposing goalkeeper, Angus Gunn, and fell motionless. Captain Dominik Szoboszlai quickly reached the injured player in an interview with Magenta.TV, he stated that the medical staff reacted too sluggishly in this situation.

Szoboszlai explained that he was the first to reach his teammate and, shocked, tried to place him on his side, which was the best solution because the Hungarian had difficulty breathing.

Irritation with the medics' behaviour was evident among many spectators. The rescuers' lack of urgency in aiding Varga angered Szoboszlai, who himself grabbed the stretcher. This scene was broadcast worldwide.

Szoboszlai added that he doesn't know the exact protocols but emphasised that a quick response was crucial, noting that every second was important. He demanded that future rescue actions be significantly faster.

During the night, the Hungarians announced that Barnabás Varga suffered multiple facial bone fractures and a severe concussion. The forward is in a hospital in Stuttgart, and his condition is stable.

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