Sabrina Salerno: How the '80s music sensation remains a modern icon

Sabrina Salerno
Sabrina Salerno
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4 July 2024 14:21

Sabrina Salerno took the world music stage by storm back in the '80s. The artist gained fame due to her remarkable voice and her music videos in daring outfits. Today, at 56 years old, Sabrina remains professionally active, and time seems not to affect her!

Born on 15 March 1968 in Genoa, Sabrina Salerno took her first step towards fame at 15. At that time, she won the title of first Miss Coast and was the tenth Miss Liguria Region. For a short period, she worked in modelling and television, but her key to success in show business was the music industry.

In the latter half of the '80s, she released her first single, "Sexy Girl," and in 1987, her debut album, "Sabrina," was launched. It featured hits like "Boys" and "Hot Girl." Releasing her second album took just a year. "Super Sabrina" succeeded similarly, but subsequent albums were less impactful.

Music was not the only highlight for the Italian star. Her beauty, which she eagerly showcased in her music videos, also drew attention. She often appeared in bikinis, adding seductive poses. Thanks to this, she became a sex symbol, and although she attracted the attention of many men, since 1994, she has been in a relationship with Enrico Monti, whom she married 12 years later. The fruit of their relationship is their son, Luca Maria.

What is Sabrina Salerno doing today?

Sabrina Salerno is 56 years old and remains active professionally. She hasn't given up on music or modelling, but much of her life now revolves around social media. There, she showcases her beauty and gains an ever-growing number of fans. Over 1.3 million users already follow her Instagram profile.

Besides her music and modelling career, Sabrina Salerno has recently ventured into film and television series. In 2019, she appeared as herself in the "Modalità Aereo" production. At the same time, she continues to showcase her body. In the comments under her photos, many opinions suggest that time has stopped for her. Online users note that her hair is the most frequently changing element of the Italian star's appearance.

Furthermore, the 56-year-old remains physically active. She regularly attends the gym to maintain her excellent figure, which she proudly shares on social media. At the beginning of June this year, she posted a romantic video on Instagram with her husband, announcing their 18th wedding anniversary.

The star is equally fond of posting videos and pictures with her son. Luca Maria is already 20 and the apple of his mother's eye. Some time ago, on his birthday, she posted several of his pictures. Fans were divided on the young man's resemblance, debating whether he looked more like his mum or dad.

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