NewsRussia's wartime economy shift alarms Bundeswehr General

Russia's wartime economy shift alarms Bundeswehr General

A German general warns against Russian war potential
A German general warns against Russian war potential
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Marcin Lewicki

9 July 2024 07:06

General Carsten Breuer believes that Russia has shifted to a wartime economy. According to the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr, the effect could be alarming. Russian factories are capable of producing up to 1,500 tanks.

Although the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian war front has seemed deadlocked for some time, the Russians cannot achieve their war objectives, which does not mean that they have ceased to be dangerous.

German General Carsten Breuer, Inspector General of the Bundeswehr, warns that the Russian economy is shifting into wartime mode. This could be disastrous not only for the fate of Ukraine but also for other parts of Europe.

Could Russia attack NATO?

In an interview with "Sueddeutsche Zeitung, " Breuer stated that Russian combat capabilities could be extremely high by 2029. The military officer claims that factories in Russia can produce up to 1,500 modern battle tanks.

Russia is currently expanding its capabilities far beyond what it needs in its offensive war against Ukraine. The number of Russian soldiers could rise to 1.5 million. We must take Putin's words seriously and prepare for potential confrontation - claims the experienced military officer.

General Carsten Breuer simultaneously explains the possible reasons for Russia's desire to confront NATO, which could be a deadly risk for Vladimir Putin.

Putin considers the Western social model a threat to Russia. The entire regime in Moscow would start to wobble if democracy, freedom, and the rule of law began to spread among Russians. He has repeatedly proven that he is guided by a different kind of rationality - explains the German military officer.
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