NewsRussian missiles target Kyiv's largest children's hospital, casualties mounting

Russian missiles target Kyiv's largest children's hospital, casualties mounting

This is a photo that proves the lies of Russian propagandists.
This is a photo that proves the lies of Russian propagandists.
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Marcin Lewicki

9 July 2024 10:23

Russian forces shelled Kyiv yesterday. The targets of the attack were civilian locations, including children's hospitals. The regime in Moscow consistently denies that the missiles were aimed at civilians. They claim it was the "effect of Ukrainian air defence." However, these photos leave no doubt.

Russians conducted a massive attack on Ukraine on Monday (7 August). Missiles fell on residential buildings and children's hospitals in Kyiv. The largest children's hospital in the capital, Ohmatdyt, was hit. The attacks killed over 20 people, and the number of casualties continues to rise.

Representatives of the Russian regime do not take responsibility for the brutal attacks. They consistently repeat that there was no genocide. They try to convince that "missiles fell on civilian targets because Ukrainian air defence was protecting military objects."

Russian politicians attempt to convince the public that Kyiv was hit by "fragments of Russian missiles and Ukrainian Patriot air defence missiles."

Russian propaganda tries to blame Ukraine

According to the propagandist version of events, the missiles fired by the Russians were supposed to hit Ukrainian military targets. The evidence clearly shows that the truth is entirely different.

More and more photos are appearing online that contradict the false claims of Russian propaganda. A comprehensive analysis was published by Christophe Tymowski, a former Swiss army officer and military analyst.

The expert's analysis directly indicates that there is no way the missile attack on Kyiv could be the result of "Ukrainian anti-aircraft activities." Tymowski also shows photos that contradict the propagandists.

Photos and videos clearly show that one of the missiles appears to be completely intact, without visible damage to the fuselage. The exhaust plume coming from the engine also appears normal. The missile approaches in top attack mode at a relatively steep angle. The flight seems to be entirely controlled. And it is clear that this missile can be unequivocally identified as a Russian Kh-101, writes the Swiss military analyst.

He garnished his post with photos, clearly showing the missile falling on military targets. It is very likely that this is a photo depicting the moment just before the tragedy.

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