NewsRussia proposes draft peace treaty with Ukraine under US review

Russia proposes draft peace treaty with Ukraine under US review

"Peace Plan" of Russia. Surprising concessions from the Kremlin
"Peace Plan" of Russia. Surprising concessions from the Kremlin
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Sara Bounaoui

3 July 2024 19:44

Russia has submitted a draft peace treaty with Ukraine to the United States. Dmytro Gordon claims the document includes provisions that contradict the Kremlin's previous propaganda narrative. One of Ukraine's most popular journalists, who has been placed on Russia's wanted list, has revealed details of the alleged document.

According to Gordon, the treaty draft was handed over to the United States authorities a few days ago by the Russian Minister of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Kolokoltsev. The document stipulates an immediate ceasefire.

The draft includes points that are consistent with the Kremlin's previous narrative. Ukrainians must recognise that the Donetsk and Luhansk regions are part of the Russian Federation. Kyiv would also be obliged to include the so-called status of a neutral state in its constitution, which would block the possibility of joining NATO and other military alliances.

There is also a provision that the Russian dictator has previously mentioned. It concerns a "peacetime army" in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces could not exceed 350,000 soldiers and would have to limit military resources, including to 125 combat aircraft.

"Specially demilitarised territory"

The document also includes several points that could be interpreted as "concessions" from the Kremlin.

One of them is the status of Crimea, a territory currently occupied by Russia. According to the document, Crimea would become a "specially demilitarised territory" under dual control by Ukraine and the Russian Federation. This means that both Ukraine and Russia would have control over this area. The document also states that Ukrainian authorities would commit to not blocking water supplies to the Crimean peninsula.

Another point that is not part of the typical Russian propaganda narrative is the proposal regarding the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. According to the draft, the power plant would come under Ukrainian control.

Additionally, the document proposes the creation of a 100-kilometre demilitarised zone along the Dnipro River, extending to the Black Sea.

Russia would agree to Ukraine in the European Union

The document also contains provisions regarding Ukraine's accession to the European Union, to which the Russian Federation would agree. This would represent a significant departure from the Kremlin's previous policy, which had been strongly opposed to Ukraine's integration with the European Union.

The treaty draft also includes provisions concerning sanctions imposed on Russia's oil and gas sector and banking system. These sanctions would be immediately lifted after the document is signed.

Negotiations with the participation of the USA, China, and the EU

Moreover, the document calls for an immediate ceasefire. The decision to cease fire would be made simultaneously with the commencement of negotiations on the matter.

These talks would involve Russia, the USA, China, the European Union, and Ukraine representatives.

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