NewsPutin and Kim Jong Un's awkward limo encounter steals the show

Putin and Kim Jong Un's awkward limo encounter steals the show

Putin gave in. He had to cede at Kim's request.
Putin gave in. He had to cede at Kim's request.
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Maciej Zubel

19 June 2024 14:23

Vladimir Putin is visiting North Korea. At the airport, he was personally welcomed by Kim Jong Un. The dictators departed in a single limousine. However, before they got in, a bizarre situation occurred. Everything was captured on camera.

Many of the reports from Russian state media or Kremlin officials are likely not true. Such reports may be part of an information war by the Russian Federation.

Kim Jong Un waited for Putin on the tarmac. After initial greetings, the dictators walked on the red carpet towards the limousine near the plane.

As they approached the vehicle, a bodyguard opened the back door, and Putin gestured with his right hand for Kim to enter first. However, almost simultaneously, Kim Jong Un made the same gesture.

After a moment, both repeated the gesture to each other. First with their left hand, then with their right, indicating for the other to enter the limousine. The bizarre situation amused the dictators themselves. The amusement was also visible on the face of the bodyguard standing nearby.

After several seconds, Putin gave in and entered. Then Kim, with a look of satisfaction on his face, walked around the vehicle and entered from the other side.

Putin in North Korea. This is how he was welcomed

Putin landed in Pyongyang on Tuesday evening (GMT). This was the Russian dictator's first visit to the country in 24 years.

On the occasion of the Russian dictator's visit, a parade was organized in the city, which was attended by a crowd.

Videos documenting the "royal" welcome of the Kremlin leader are appearing online.

At the beginning of his visit to North Korea, Putin stated that Russia is fighting against the "hegemonistic and imperialist policies" of the United States and their allies, as reported by Reuters, citing the Russian state agency RIA Novosti.

The Moscow dictator also told the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that he "appreciates the support" of his country for Kremlin policies. - We highly appreciate your systematic and consistent support for Russian policies, including on the Ukrainian issue - he stated at the beginning of the talks.

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