NewsProvocateurs detained in Kyiv plot to storm Parliament after riots

Provocateurs detained in Kyiv plot to storm Parliament after riots

Ukrainians have detained the provocateurs.
Ukrainians have detained the provocateurs.
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Mateusz Kaluga

1 July 2024 19:31

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) detained a group of provocateurs who planned to incite riots in Kyiv and seize the Ukrainian parliament building after Constitution Day on 28 June. The group planned to announce the "removal from power" of Ukraine's current military and political leadership.

On June 28th, controlled riots were supposed to take place in Kyiv. The organisers originally wanted to announce the organization of a peaceful assembly to gather as many people as possible in central Kyiv.

"According to the investigation, the group was headed by the co-founder of a public organization known for its anti-Ukrainian actions since 2015. Under the guise of holding a so-called "veche", the attackers planned to announce the "removal from power" of the current military and political leadership of Ukraine," according to the Security Service.

They then hoped to take over the building of the Verkhovna Rada and disrupt its activities.

Ukraine. The perpetrators acted in favour of Russia

The SBU also reports that most participants in the event were unaware of the true intentions behind the assembly. The criminals planned to spread information about the riots in Kyiv through domestic and foreign media. They hoped this would destabilise our country's social and political situation to benefit the Russian Federation, the services say.

The main organizer of the provocation recruited several accomplices from Kyiv, Dnipro, and other Ukrainian towns. They communicated via messenger and met in groups of three.

"During the searches of the provocateurs' residences, the evidence was found: weapons and ammunition, cell phones, computer equipment, and draft records with evidence of criminal acts," according to the SBU.
Secured weapon in the perpetrators' home.
Secured weapon in the perpetrators' home.© Telegram

Those detained were charged with calling for actions aimed at introducing violence, overthrowing the constitutional order, or seizing state power and were decided to be temporarily detained. They face up to 10 years in prison and confiscation of property.

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