LifestyleOptimal times and tips for watering hydrangeas effectively

Optimal times and tips for watering hydrangeas effectively

When to water hydrangeas in the garden?
When to water hydrangeas in the garden?
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3 July 2024 16:12

Hydrangeas often grace our gardens and patios. Providing them with the right amount of water at the right time is critical to their health and abundant flowering. When is it best to water hydrangea shrubs?

Hydrangeas are popular decorations for gardens and patios. They captivate not only with their beautiful inflorescences but also with their unique fragrance. Proper care is essential to enjoy the plant’s blooming and healthy growth for a long time. One key element of caring for these shrubs is adequate watering. When and how should you water hydrangeas to provide them with optimal growing conditions?

When is the best time to water hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are plants with high water needs. Regular watering is necessary, but not every time of day is equally suitable. The right watering time can significantly affect the shrubs' condition.

Therefore, the best times to water hydrangeas are early morning or evening, e.g., 12:00 PM or 1:00 AM. These times of day should be chosen when the sun is not shining intensely. Avoid watering in the full sun, as the water will evaporate quickly before it reaches the roots. Additionally, water droplets on the leaves can act as lenses focusing the sun’s rays, causing burns.

Watering hydrangeas early in the morning allows the plants to absorb the water calmly before the heat arrives. Moist soil throughout the day will provide them with the proper hydration level. On the other hand, evening watering gives time for excess water to evaporate from the leaves before night falls, reducing the risk of fungal diseases.

It is also essential to pay attention to the frequency of watering. In the summer, especially during heatwaves, hydrangeas may require watering even three times a week. The soil should be constantly moist but not soggy. Before watering again, check the soil moisture with your finger - if it is dry a few centimetres down, it's a sign that the plant needs water. Remember, hydrangeas growing in pots may require more frequent watering than those planted in the ground.

How to care for hydrangeas?

It is worth regularly fertilising hydrangeas. Instead of buying ready-made blends, we can prepare natural fertilisers, which are just as effective, cheaper and easier to use. To make homemade fertiliser for hydrangeas, simply chop banana peels and mix them with the soil around the shrubs. This way, we provide the plant with valuable phosphorus and potassium.

Another method is to use coffee grounds. After drying, sprinkle them around the shrub and on its leaves. The grounds will not only speed up the growth of hydrangeas but also strengthen their resistance to diseases.

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