NewsNorthern European nations create NATO military corridor

Northern European nations create NATO military corridor

"In the event of a land war". A military corridor in the north has been approved.
"In the event of a land war". A military corridor in the north has been approved.
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Mateusz Czmiel

21 June 2024 17:02

Three northern European countries—Finland, Sweden, and Norway—have agreed to establish a military transport corridor to swiftly move NATO soldiers and military equipment. The corridor will traverse these countries' northern territories and enable rapid deployment of troops from Norwegian ports to Finland's eastern border "in the event of a major land war."

The approval of the corridor was announced by the Prime Ministers of Norway, Sweden, and the President of Finland during a joint press conference.

Rapid deployment of troops in case of an attack by Russia

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre stated that the corridor would run through the northern territories of the three countries.

"It will enable us to quickly move personnel and equipment from Norwegian ports through Sweden and to Finland," stated Støre.

– The fact that Norway, Sweden and Finland now are together in NATO is good for Norwegian, Nordic and allied security – added Støre. He emphasised that since all three countries are now part of NATO, they "can cooperate about defending each other in a completely different way"

Sources from The Telegraph previously reported that NATO countries are developing numerous "land corridors" to transfer American soldiers and armoured vehicles to the frontline in the event of a "major European ground war with Russia."

The plan is for American soldiers to land at one of five European ports and be sent along pre-planned logistical routes to repel a potential attack from Moscow. At the same time, NATO is considering ports in Northern Europe, including those in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as landing sites for American troops.

Norway is one of NATO's founding countries. Finland joined the alliance in April 2023, and Sweden in March 2024. These countries abandoned their neutral status in connection with Russia's war with Ukraine.

Russian bases emptied

The day before, Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen called for preparation for a potential attack from Russia in the form of hybrid attacks.

The Finnish publication Yle notes that at the same time, the Russian Armed Forces bases near the Finnish border have significantly emptied. According to Finnish intelligence, about 80 percent of the equipment and soldiers from Russian bases near the border with Finland have been redirected to the war in Ukraine, and only instructors remain at the facilities.

This was also confirmed by Norwegian intelligence. In addition, according to estimates by Norwegian intelligence, Russia will need three to five years to restore its armed forces' combat capability after the war in Ukraine ends.

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