NewsNorth Korean builders sent to Russian-occupied Ukraine for reconstruction

North Korean builders sent to Russian-occupied Ukraine for reconstruction

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un
Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un
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Tomasz Waleński

24 June 2024 08:08

South Korean television channel TV Chosun reported that construction teams from North Korea will appear in the occupied parts of Ukraine.

TV Chosun cites sources in the South Korean government. According to their information, Pyongyang intends to send construction and engineering teams to the areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

The North Koreans are expected to assist in rebuilding areas destroyed by the war. China is also anticipated to play a role in this process, as the Korean workers are to come from China.

The decision to send North Koreans follows Vladimir Putin's recent visit to Pyongyang, during which he discussed the war in Ukraine with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang criticizes the USA

Jong Chon, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party of Korea, criticised the United States for increasing military aid to Ukraine, reaffirming North Korean support for Moscow in the war with Ukraine.

He stated that Russia has "the right to decide on any kind of retaliatory attack," adding that if Washington continues to "push Ukraine into a proxy war against Russia," it could provoke an even stronger reaction from Moscow and a "new world war."

Representatives from Seoul also commented on reports of additional supplies from Pyongyang. "If Russia provides North Korea with precision weapons, Seoul will no longer be constrained in sending weapons to Ukraine," said Chang Ho-jin, chief of South Korea's National Security Office, in an interview with KBS on Sunday at 09:00 GMT.

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