EntertainmentNew TikTok trend sparks outrage as parents fake hitting toddlers

New TikTok trend sparks outrage as parents fake hitting toddlers

Parents of young children record a disturbing trend
Parents of young children record a disturbing trend
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28 June 2024 18:52

The new TikTok trend is alarming. It involves parents of young children pretending to hit their child to provoke crying and fear. These "funny" videos of crying toddlers are then shared with internet users.

Anyone who has heard a hungry, tired, sad, in pain, sick, or scared toddler knows the sound of a child's cry that gets into your head. There are thousands of reasons for crying, and usually, parents do everything to improve their children's mood. However, it turns out that TikTok caregivers deliberately make children cry, record it on video, and then publish it on the internet.

Is the new TikTok trend about hitting children for views?

The latest parenting trend started in the United States. What does it involve? Parents holding a small, unaware child in their arms pretend to hit them against a wall or door. After the "hit," they frantically console the toddler, who realises that something bad has happened. This, in turn, causes crying, which greatly amuses the parents recording the video.

Why do toddlers cry even though they are not physically hurt? From a psychological perspective, this might result from modelling. Young children are closely tied to their mothers, so when they see their parents reacting with fear, terror rises in them, too. Showing a child that something should hurt makes the toddler believe something has happened that requires a crying reaction.

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