SportsNetherlands vs England Euro 2024 fan riots cause destruction

Netherlands vs England Euro 2024 fan riots cause destruction

Brawl before the Euro semi-final. Video spreads online.
Brawl before the Euro semi-final. Video spreads online.
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10 July 2024 22:51

Fan riots broke out before the Euro 2024 semi-final match between the Netherlands and England. Five people were injured, and a venue in Dortmund was demolished. A recording of the incident has been circulated online.

Riots before the Netherlands vs England match

A recording showing a clash between Dutch and English fans was posted on social media. According to German media reports, a group of English fans was attacked by Oranje supporters while they were in a venue in Dortmund.

The recording shows fans throwing drinks, food, and even benches set up outside the bar at each other. "The Sun" reports that five people were injured. The British media stated that Dutch fans were roaming the streets of Dortmund looking for English supporters. Simultaneously, it was not reported what caused the commotion.

The match between the Netherlands and England will occur at 9 PM GMT at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund.

It is worth noting that this is not the first similar situation during Euro 2024 before an England match. The "Sons of Albion" played a match against Serbia in Gelsenkirchen, during which there was a serious fight resulting in one fan suffering a severe head injury and having to be taken to hospital.

Furthermore, police had to intervene when one fan waved a so-called Molotov cocktail or a lit bottle of flammable liquid. Another fan was moving through the streets of Hamburg with a pickaxe, and police shot the thug near a location where thousands of Dutch fans were gathering to watch the match against Poland.

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